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Moon and Star
When we were kids
We used to play
We’d be outside all day
When we were young
We used to fight
Fists flying every night
What we didn’t know
Was how to let it go
And see that we were wrong
You were the day
I was the night
And nothing, nothing was alright
But we’re not young anymore
No, now we’ve opened the door
To show each other what we fear
And now everything is clear
We were right and we were wrong
Can’t believe it took this long
To show us what we feel
And now everything is real
We were doing just fine
I was opening your mind
Just to see what I could find
You’d ask if I was fine
And I would look into your eyes
And we could see, we could see our lies
You told me it was okay
To love the night instead of day
As long as I didn’t go away
Then I knew, the things we did
Were because we were kids
To think we didn’t listen
But we’re not young anymore
No, now we’ve opened the door
To show each other what we fear
And now everything is
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Mature content
Nightmare :iconshadowxx92:Shadowxx92 0 0
Mature content
Are You Still Watching Me :iconshadowxx92:Shadowxx92 0 0
My fingerprints are on your skin
No matter what you can’t get rid of them
Invisible gifts from me to you
Permanent ink like a tattoo
Come on, come on, let me in
You know together we’re poisonous
But just like Alice, we’ll drink again
Drink, and drink until we give in
Temptations aren’t all fun and games
But no matter the cost we stay the same
Can’t control what’s in our brains
Body to body, let’s go insane
My fingerprints are on your skin
No matter what, we’ll both give in
And we both know that it’s true
On me, on you, we’re each other’s tattoo
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Have you not learned?
You didn't believe me when I said I wasn't the same.
You didn't want to accept that maybe I had changed.
The girl you used to know has withered away,
and the woman standing now should bear you no dismay.
Can you not accept that I have moved on?
You gave me no choice, no hope, so why should I have held on?
Here you are again, trying to weasel your way through.
I thought I made it clear that I was done with you.
Why should I accept you after all this time?
Have you learned nothing from any of my rhymes?
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This waterfall only flows at night-
every night til the waters are calm.
When the sun rises from the ground
the beavers wake up to build the dam.
The beavers build it up nice and strong
until the flow of water is trapped.
All day long the sun shines on the water,
and the water is quiet and beautiful.
But when night falls upon the shores,
and the beavers have gone away to sleep,
the water starts thrashing against the dam.
It breaks and the water starts to flow.
This waterfall only flows at night-
every night til the waters are calm.
When the sun rises from the ground
the beavers wake up to rebuild the dam.
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Best Inentions are Not for Second Guessers :iconshadowxx92:Shadowxx92 0 0
Mature content
Back and Undo :iconshadowxx92:Shadowxx92 0 0
Mature content
True love's kiss won't wake you from this. :iconshadowxx92:Shadowxx92 0 1
You Knew Me But You Don't Know Me
Tell me what you wanna know
I’ll give you what you wanna hear
But don’t expect me to make believe
That after all this time, the past will disappear
You knew who I was back then
But you don’t know who I am anymore
I’m not the same naïve girl from the past
I won’t come waltzing back into your door
Go ahead and say that you miss me
And that you always thought of me
And I’ll say that I thought of you too
But always in pain, always in misery
I tried to make amends from the get-go
But you rejected me and kicked me out
If you had loved me the way you said
We wouldn’t be like this now
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Sand Castle
I sit by the shore and
start to build my sandcastle.
Little by little the tide comes in
and touches the castle, but it’s okay
because a little water here and there
helps it to become a better castle.
Once the castle is complete,
a larger waves comes in and
crashes over it, breaking it down
to the point where I have to start over.
But instead of moving to a different spot,
I stay right there and try again.
I build the sandcastle in the same routine,
and every time it’s finished, another wave comes
and breaks it down to just a blob of wet sand.
The cycle repeats over and over,
and I still never move.
:iconshadowxx92:Shadowxx92 1 1
Who I Am
They think they know who I am
       based on what I display on the outside,
but the truth is they see what I want them to see;
       they don’t see my reflection.
No one knows what’s behind my mask,
       and they sure as hell don’t know my past.
They don’t know what I've suffered through,
       or what barely keeps me alive each day.
How can anyone know who I am
       when I don’t even know who I am?
The person I am inside is one out of eight,
       and I struggle with wondering if I’m the real one.
So I’ll keep displaying the person
       everyone else wants to see, because I’m
too afraid that if people know me,
       they’ll call me fake and walk away.
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Every Day
I wanna listen to MCR!
Can we please just go out somewhere?
This is the most annoying show ever. I love it.
I’m hungry…Ooooh! Look at the butterfly!
Can I print some lineart?
I can’t…
Oh my god! Turn off the stupid TV Nick!
Let’s go to the mall, or something.
Stop telling me what to do Charlotte! Listen to your music!
Ew! Lily threw up on the floor again!
I wanna colour something cute.
I can’t listen when you’ve got the TV on!
Please can we get out of the house?
Well BOO HOO then! No! Don’t take the remote!
Are you gonna clean that up Mel...Mel?
This is gonna be pink, and this is gonna be yellow.
Why not? I want to listen to music!
I guess we’re not going out today…
And I want to watch TV!
Lily’s eating her throw up…
Oh my goodness! This is so adorbs!
:iconshadowxx92:Shadowxx92 1 0
Life is a journey that travels in circles. The journey consists of love, happiness, hate, sadness, and at some point we find joy. Adventures along the way show us the excitement to what life can bring us, and the pain from what life can take away from us. It’s a balancing act that we must endure in order to live. We cannot have one without the other. Good, and bad, come together. In this we are all equal. Everyone is balanced. No one’s life is more outweighed than the other. We see people who are so happy, or even those who are so sad, and automatically think that one must have a grand life, while the other must have a terrible one. We are wrong. Each person is the magician to their own lives. We show others what we want them to see, and not what is really there – an illusion. No matter what we want to show people, we, and the very few others we share our secrets with, know what is really happening. We know that deep down we are not different from the rest of them. We
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Save My Soul
I was something lost
on a road to destruction.
My heart was the cost;
I was losing myself in (side)
My skin was firing
Flames were falling
all up on me.
Ice was freezing.
My heart's still beating
but barely strong.
My life was wrong.
Then something changed,
and my heart was saved
by a man who came
and took me away.
My heart was cold,
but he saved my soul.
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Repeat Me
I don't know how to feel
when you are right on my heel.
What am I supposed to do
when I don't even want you-
yet you stick around anyway
and just make my life disarray?
I try my best to look ahead,
but it's getting harder, I feel dead.
I don't want to run to the past,
but it seems to be the only thing that lasts.
My heart is slowing its beat,
while my life spins around on repeat.
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Shadowxx92's Profile Picture
United States
I love to write, and read, and occasionally take pictures.
...So I just finished going through my journal entries and realize how far I've come since the first one...And for all those who actually read these things: YES WRITING IS MY PASSION, and Photography is still on my top 5 but its not my ABSOLUTE passion in life. I'm going to school for a degree in creative writing - poetry and hope to become a lyricist(: And maybe publish some poetry, short stories, or even a novel someday(:

Life has been going good for me. There are moments of bad, but overall it's turning around. I'm realizing more and more how the universe works and how we are all connected spiritually through our souls. It's amazing to feel when you're so in-tune with everything and everyone around you, and you all are on the same level. I went to my very first Spirit Night at the Crystal Closet in Sanford and it was awesome(: Though it was very overpowering, energy wise for me, since I am very associated with energy, spirits, and elements around me. Energy literally makes my body tremble when I absorb so much of it.

These past few days have been great(: And things seem to only get better♥


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